Welcome to Simply Touch Therapies

Simply Touch Therapies is currently based in beautiful Stavanger, Norway

Simply Touch Therapies was created by Carlynn Young through an overwhelming desire and passion to help others experience the many real benefits which can be received through massage such as:

*Soothing and relaxing muscles to assist in optimal muscle usage

*Working with your body to try to ease  the symptoms of many
chronic pain conditions

*Bring awareness to your bodies energy levels, postural integrity and aim to work with you to promote inner balance

*Maintaining and supporting overall well being


Simply Touch Therapies treatments centre around the ethos that everyone is unique and as such each treatment experience is tailored to the individual and agreed during each appointment. Treatments available include:

*Integrated Myofascial Therapy

*Massage Therapy for People Living with Cancer

*Therapeutic Massage

*Hot Stones Massage

*Pregnancy Massage

*Postnatal Massage

*Manual Lymphatic Drainage

*On Site/ Seated Massage

Workshops Available

*Story Massage

*Relax and Sing Baby Massage

To discuss these workshops/ classes further please contact me using the contacts page.


Simply Touch Therapies overall vision is to help people recognise the power of touch. Promoting massage as a need and not a luxury in nurturing overall mental and physical wellbeing to all ages, whilst empowering the individual to continue self-care out with the treatment room.  As “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for accessing Simply Touch Therapies

Many Thanks,

Carlynn Young (447725469766 / 07725469766)