About me

My name is Carlynn Young and I am a Massage Therapist who works in a  intuitive way using listening touch to assess the needs of each client tailoring the treatment to their needs at that time.

I am based in beautiful Stavanger, Norway at present for 3 years (March 2019 – March 2021) where I hope to continue to meet amazing clients, therapists, teachers, to continue to grow my love for massage and focus on self-care.

I originally qualified with the Massage Training Institute (MTI) Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Level 4  which gave me a strong foundation. Since then I continue to do other training to evolve skills and gain new ones inline with client needs.

Currently I continue to study and be mesmerised by Integrated Myofascial Therapy through MFR UK.  As well as gaining amazing skills and insight into the power of Oncology Massage through IRIS Cancer Partnership.  Plus deepening my clinical and sports massage skills through Jing advanced massage training.

Each day I have the privilege of witnessing first hand the impact massage can have on peoples life’s in many different ways.  Why not check out some of the testimonies

Many people inspired me to launch “Simply Touch Therapies” although one of my main motivators was my daughter who lives with chronic pain from her rare Vascular Malformation she was born with spreading over her lower left hand side of her body. Thankfully my daughter manages to lead a completely ‘normal’ life due to various medical professionals that offer support and advise along the way. However as a mum, being able to give massage to my daughter on a regular basis has also given another dimension to her treatment and support mechanism, with remarkable results!  Even my  son manages to have a settled nights sleep after a “mummy massage”.

My faithful UK clients, along with the a highly skilled group of physiotherapists at Optimum Physiotherapy where I practised from over the years continued to shape me as a therapist entrusting, recommending and supporting me on my journey as a massage therapist who continues to be passionate about the power of touch and self-care.

Simply Touch Therapies strives to deliver a friendly, flexible approach to massage which takes into account the whole well-being of an individual.  After an initial consultation each massage therapy session is tailored and fully explained to the individual before treatment begins.

So why not contact me directly and discover the power of touch through Simply Touch Therapies.