Hot Stones Massage

What is Hot Stones Massage?

Hot Stones massage is really good for literally melting away any tension in your muscles encouraging the muscle fibres to length and relax through using different techniques/strokes with the heat of the stones.  The stones used are black basalt lava stones which are heated up in a Vulsini heated bag and are introduced to the client through placement stones on the towels over the client as well as introducing the stones directly on your skin to ease muscles.

Who would benefit from this type of treatment?

Some condition respond really well to ‘heat’ whether that be through having a hot bath, using a heated wheat wrap, applying a heated gel or experiencing a hot stone massage.  Therefore  the stones are used in an intuitive way during treatment based on what has been discussed/ agreed during the  consultation as well as what is felt during the treatment and not following a set routine.  This enables the stones to be used remedially or to induce deep relaxation dependent on what the client is looking for.

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*In addition to my original training I have successfully completed: “Hot Stone Massage Therapy” course which is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) through Rosslyn Alternatives.