Second trimester: 14-27 weeks

During the second trimester you may have a real “glow” about you with nausea possibly reducing and a visible bump appearing.  This is an exciting time as your energy levels possibly return and any initial anxieties reduce as you relax into your pregnancy possibly starting to feel babies movements as the trimester progresses.  Therefore it is important to focus on building up strength and stamina as your baby grows.  But most of all – time to enjoy your pregnancy.

Massage at this stage may now  include deeper work as your body feels your baby growing  as well as lymphatic drainage techniques  where necessary to ease your possibly swollen  or achy joints/limbs.  The benefits of massage being to:

  • Ease any muscular aches or pains
  • Prevent oedema or swelling of joints/limbs
  • Promote better sleep through relaxation (both you and little one!)
  • Become more aware of your posture

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